Finish Calculator

First, Figure The Walls
Enter the Perimeter of your house. (Length + Width x 2). Perimeter = feet.
Enter the Average Height of Your Walls Use only one house style.
Log House + 2 feet = feet.
Half-Log Sided
+ 1 foot = feet.
Wood Sided
= feet.
Next, the Gable Ends enter the Width & Height of your house gables:
Width (feet): Height (feet):

Enter the Sq. Ft. per Gal. for your finish from the Table below:
These rates will vary depending on the moisture content, wood species, and the wood surface (rough or smooth). It is best to factor the lower sq. ft. rate for new construction and the higher rate if coating a previous finish. (See results below.)
Brand Sq. Ft. per Gal. Brand Sq. Ft. per Gal.
150-300 ProLuxe Log & Siding
300-600 ProLuxe SRD RE 100-300
Lifeline Accents Exterior
350-800 Sansin Classic
Lifeline Advance
800-1000 Sansin ENS
Lifeline Ultra-2
350-800 Sansin SDF
Lifeline Ultra-7 300-400 Sansin Wood Sealer 100-200
125-167 Transformation Deck & Fence 150-350
NatureColor Base
150-300 Transformation Log & Timber 150-500
NatureColor Recoater
300-500 Transformation Siding & Trim 150-350
NatureOne 160-500 UV Guard Wood Finish
Renew 175-400 WeatherSeal Log Finish
Outlast Q8 Log Oil
150-175 WOODguard
ProLuxe Cetol 1 RE
200-350 WR-5 Log Home Stain 200-400
ProLuxe Cetol 23 Plus RE
200-500 X-100 Natural Seal 100-200
Approximate Gallons:
1 Coat:   1 gal  5 gal  
2 Coats: 1 gal  5 gal   
3 Coats: 1 gal  5 gal
Your Approximate Sq. Footage:

This area is for the exterior. If you want the total for both exterior and interior, you will need to double this amount. To calculate the total interior amount, you will also need to add for the ceiling and individual interior wall areas and other surfaces.

Windows & Doors?
These areas could be deducted and then added in for corners, eaves, and other areas, or just assume that this will take care of these areas. If you have wider and longer eaves then normal, you will need to add in or round up the amount of stain needed.